and i thought having a cold was bad

  • i'm pretty sure i'd rather recover from a c-section that have my back go out.
  • i feel so guilty about not being able to pick up and carry around mikey... 
  • i'm not sure who's having harder days, him or me. probably me.
  • mikey blowing raspberries is the cutest. 
  • he's been working over his tongue like crazy & i love it.
  • sometimes i need to just cry right now. cause of mikey's head thing. and cause of my pain.
  • i'm glad garrett knows the right time to just reach over and hold my hand and let me cry.
  • please pray to the back gods that my back will recover soon. 
  • i thought friday was bad. til saturday came. then i thought saturday was bad until sunday came... monday was probably the worst day, but i can't say tuesday or today so far are much better. 
  • tylenol is not enough. i need perkies. or something stronger. 
  • if only i weren't nursing right now. and yet, i won't give that up. 
  • if only nursing was a pain killer.
  • crazy cause it does give me a little high. a mikey high.
  • mikey has been coughing, but isn't congested/sicky. i hope he doesn't get sicky.
  • momma no likey a sicky baby.
  • he likes to take his sock off now. such a tricky baby. 
  • can't sit here much longer, gotta reserve my sitting up time for nursing. 
  • i'm already hungry for lunch. it is 10:30. rar!
  • i'm pretty sure there are tons of things i'd rather suffer through than have my back go out.
  • i'll spare you that list though.


garrett said...

Please bless you feel better soon! Love your face off.

TheFirstWard said...

I can feel your pain. I have never had a c-section or kidney pain, (knock on wood), but I have had some really bad experiences with my back ever since I was 25 years old. It is the worst pain I can phantom.

My cure? See a Quack-pracktor. I have a good one if you want his name. He helped me more than the surgeon ever did! Once you are feeling better he will tell you he doesn't want to ever see you again, so you don't become a life time patient.

Love ya!