the tale of the stockings

my mom made all of our stockings when we were little. my christmas stocking has always been a treasure. one of my absolute favorite christmas decorations. when we were engaged, my mom got garrett a needlepoint stocking, to matchy match mine. over the weekend, when we were decorating, i realized i didn't have one for mikey. so i ordered one from lands' end. we don't have a fireplace to hang our stockings from, but this year, we got some stocking goodies.we got the stocking holders. and my mom thinks that she's got a gal back home that will stitch garrett's name on his stocking after christmas. that'd be boss hog.
and this is what happens when garrett is bathing mikey & i get to putzing on picnik. i got a little carried away.


Kristin Jones said...

Super cute, Hayl!

Mom said...

You make me laugh. Little Santa helper.

Jori said...

Awww look at that cute little Santa!