my present to all of you, my internet friends

garrett has been talking about this blog a lot lately & he's told me how funny and how i should read it. and when he told me about it, i smiled. it sounded funny. but i really was just being polite. this morning, i was nursing mikey & went to the blog on my ol' ipod. and started reading the post about how kenny loggins ruined christmas. and before i knew it, i was laughing incredibly hard. like to the point where i may or may not have piddled a little. there was also tears. and maybe some embarrassing snot issues. 

please please add this blog to your reader, you will not be sad. unless of course you have bladder problems or you just have no sense of humor at all.

merry christmas to you all.


Heather B said...

Oh my gosh. Did you read the cake one? SO funny!

Thanks Hayley, and have a Merry Christmas, especially with that cute little rascal!

caron said...

Hayley, tears are streaming down my face. I love it. :)
And Merry Christmas to your cute little family.

garrett said...

Love that blog! Glad all your Internet pals get to read it now, too! :)

Katey said...

I feel as though I should get some credit for this blog finding. I shared it with Garrett a while back when I came upon it's goodness. And maybe he knew about it before and I shouldn't get the credit but either way, it's super awesome.

My two most favorite posts, which I often quote are "This is Why I'll Never be an Adult" and "Procrastinator" (March 2010). Those basically sum up my life. I also have two other top favorites..."So First You Tell Me That Pluto is Not a Planet......" (August 2009) and "Cake Versus Pie: A Scientific Approach" (March 2010). Definitely need to read those posts. There may be some poor language but it honestly makes it even funnier to me (yes I may go to hell).

I'm so glad that you love it and are now a reader. You can also fan it on facebook, just in case you are interested. I love that she has merchandise too. I want an apron that says "Cleaned all the Things" which is from the "This is Why I'll Never be an Adult" post.

Happy laughing internet times!!!!

Jori said...

"whore out my integrity" hahahaha thanks Hayley!