the lights

we went downtown to see the lights at temple square last night with jared and liz and kids. it was great fun. we road trax - and boy, was bradley excited. the weather wasn't too cold, in fact we all got a little over heated on the train, but were glad to be bundled when we were walking around. mikey wasn't always so sure about it, but he finally fell asleep. it was a perfect start to our christmas extravaganza. garrett has the next two weeks off of work and i'm beyond thrilled to get to spend this time together. yes, i realize that we're always home together, but when he's banished to his desk, it is different. mikey and i try to be quiet, we try to stay out of his way... for the next two weeks, garrett gets to be a part of everything!  i love love love christmas. we always had amazing christmases growing up and now garrett and i are working on our own traditions to build for our little family. i love remembering. and i love growing and building, too. i realize that mikey won't "get" christmas this year, but it was still be incredibly special for me. we've got an incredible menu planned out for the week, my parents will be here for a few days the week after christmas and then we'll spend new years with my sister, her family and my parents.

i'm thankful Christ was born. i'm thankful for all that He did for us. i love this time of year when we can celebrate and rejoice in Him. i hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


Suzie said...

just look at your little happy life.
have fun these next two weeks!

Jori said...

Sweet pictures, Merry Christmas!!

Kristin Jones said...

Really cute pictures! I miss going to Temple Square!!