2011 health goals... invitation accepted

hey there folks - it is me checking in again. i'm still chubby. since mikey has been born, i've tracked food, although not as consistently as i'd like... when i was consistently tacking, i lost weight. when i didn't, i haven't. 

2010 started off for me very motivated. i wanted to get in shape but then was pregnant and quickly lost any desire to do anything but sleep and eat clemmies. so i took the year off. i allowed myself to be pregnant and indulge in whatever actually sounded good. and boy did some things sound good. well, this year is almost over, my baby is over 3 months old & i'm still struggling to squeeze into clothes. some days i don't even want to leave the house because both of my shirts that don't make me look ridiculous are dirty.

2011 is going to be different. i want to be more active. i want to eat better. i want to get back my body, to be able to wear some of the old things that i have stuffed in the back of my closet. [ok, maybe not on the shirts, but i've got jeans that i'm bound and determined to fit into again.] i want to be an example to my son. 

my sister shared a blog post tonight that inspired me. her theory is: move more, eat less. how simple is that? it doesn't mean we all have to go join a gym, it doesn't mean we have to go on some uber strict diet... this has kind of been brewing in my head. lots of little things are inspiring me lately. that post tonight especially got me all thinky. i had my ipod in hand [i was nursing and when don't i have my ipod in hand while nursing?] and quick jotted down a little list of goals for 2011. i reserve the right to add to the list, but i'm going to try really hard not to delete from the list!
  • track food/food journal. be honest with myself & put it on paper. knowing myself, i'll be better about what i put into my body.
  • no soda. this will be a challange. i've given up dr pepper & it hasn't even really been hard. i'll allow myself lemonade as a treat. but mostly i want to stick to water. and milk. [i should tell you a funny story about how we have 4 gallons in our fridge right now. kinda like when garrett made sure we had 3 huge blocks of cheese... yes, i'm laughing to myself right now. outloud. yes, i'm a huge dork.]
  • move 3 miles everyday. at least. i might get a pedometer again. or i might just make sure that i go for a walk or get on the treadmill everyday. we'll see.
  • less eating out. i'm embarrassed to admit how often i don't feel like cooking and even though my husband is more than willing to do the cooking, i can talk him into going somewhere for a meal. i'm going to try and limit myself to one meal a week out and about. unless special circumstances arise. but i'm going to try not to push that. think of all of the money we'll save, too.
  • make at least 1 weight watcher meal per week. i've got a cookbook, i need to put it to use.
  • daily stretching. this will help my body and make me ache less. 
  • a weekly weigh in. to keep on track, to be aware, to motivate... whatever. just do it. 
if you see me being a slacker, drinking soda, or sitting on my couch too much - please call me on it. i'm quick to motivate, but also quick to shut down. i'm going to need support. i might need a gentle reminder of "hey, hayley - that doesn't help the double chin!" or the flabby arms. or the hugely round belly. or the thighs that rub. or the sausage fingers. or the love handles that makes a crater on your back.  anyone of those things.

so the bottom line is, thanks holly - for sharing that link. and garrett - for our son, for our own health, i'm going to try to lead us both in a healthier direction this year. cause i want to spend the next 50 years laughing til i pee my pants with you.


Jan said...

I think my favorite part of the above (really good) post is that you want to laugh with Garrett for the next 50 years -- till you pee your pants. I hope so too!

And since today is our anniversary (#36 -- how did that happen?) I feel that desire myself!! (but the pants-peeing part has never been hard for me. sigh.) xoxo

Elizabeth Ward said...

I want this year to be my year. I want to move more and eat less. Half of me is excited and half of me is telling me i will fail. I hate that 2nd half of me, She pisses me off.

Despite that b*#!@ I'm In!
This IS my year!
I WILL move more & eat less!
I hope you are willing to help me because I'm going to need it.

Beth said...

Awesome goals Hayley! I'm right there with you about needing to get back to something resembling the person I was before I was prego.

Jori said...

I read the post linked from Holly's blog too, I thought it was awesome! I am in! I can't believe what a slug I am! I am trying to keep from having a cancer recurrence and I am still being a sloth. yikes! I love the park by my house I am going to make sure I hit 3 miles too. eating out is bad for me too! Let's motivate each other!

tara said...

loved that article hayley. makes it sound simple. doable.

Mom said...

You can do it. Think of your health and it will keep you motivated. Doing it on your own is sure a lot better than waiting until your doctor tells you that you have a problem. That is what I did. You have helped me with that article.