2010 music top 10 list

in honor of trying to keep it real with blogging, i was thinking about suggesting we do a music mix up exchange... and i started compiling a list of my favorite songs from 2010. i didn't want to buy any songs, i wanted to use songs that i already had. and i realized i've had a sorta lame musical year. well, not lame, just not a lot of new. in fact, on my list - i could only come up with 3 songs. and i'm pretty sure some of them aren't even from 2010. sad.

there's gotta be more out there for me this year, right? share with me what i'm missing. go look at your itunes and what've been your favorite songs from 2010 & do a post on your blog. if you don't blog, email me. [drpepperjones at gmail dot com] i want a bunch of music to go round up.

here's my top 3 songs of 2010:

1. Parachute by Ingrid - way more poppy than most of her music, but momma likey.

2. Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys

3. Secrets by OneRepublic

other songs I've liked a lot, but don't own:
Dog Days by Florence and the Machine [although i must admit that the first time i heard this song, i thought she was singing in a different language. still thought it was pretty, but felt really felt dumb when i was told that it was in english & i just didn't understand.]

yeah... thats pretty much all i can come up with right now. i'm a music loser right now.

do share your lists.


Beth said...

Good picks (I'm glad i didn't see any Katie Perry on there...sorry if you like her...not a fan.)

Aimee said...

I'm a music lover... and I have some tunes to share. :) I'll have to do a similar post in a couple of weeks when things slow down.

Hayley said...

duh! i forgot jar of hearts by christina perri. loved that song this year!!!