the zombie defense

today the great blizzard of 2010 was supposed to strike anywhere between 3 and 6. [officially it got to our house a little after 5.] they've been talking about it since the weekend. i planned out my grocery shopping for thanksgiving to make sure that i was done, so i didn't have to go out of the house after monday. heaven only knows i'm scared of taking mikey out in the snowy weather - i don't have the best driving record, i tend to hit things. 

part of the reason i was nervous about it is because over the weekend, we got slapped with another storm - saturday night brought about a foot of snow & it crashed our internet til sunday evening. granted, we still had power, heat & even a cleared driveway... but take away my ability to check facebook or email & i start to panic. maybe that panic hasn't gone away yet & that's part of my reaction today.

i fretted this morning. i got laundry done. cause, you know, when the blizzard hits, everyone should have all of their clothes all clean. i ran to the gas station and got gas in my car. [my dad taught me that in the winter your car shouldn't have less than half a tank of gas. and i was below a quarter tank.] cause i was thinking "i can out run this storm!" - yes, i actually had that thought while getting gas. i made garrett find flashlights and candles. [could only find 1 little one. if we do lose power, we're kinda screwed.] and finally, i made garrett do the shrink wrap over mikey's windows to keep his bedroom warmer. [that room has always been terribly cold in the winter. and we bought the stuff to do his room like 2 weeks ago. and garrett keeps talking about how he needs to start sleeping in his crib soon...] i thought out that if we lost power, we could use the gas grill out on our patio to cook our food. and if we had to, we could stick our food outside on the patio - it'd stay frozen...  

i kept going in and bugging garrett while he was working. basically talking out my thoughts. i knew i was panicking a tidge. i knew it was worthy of being mocked. but i couldn't help it. now, i have this little baby to worry about & boy, have i perfected that art... i just needed to make sure that no matter what was going on outside, my baby was safe and sound in here. 

one time i was in bugging him, garrett expressed a little mockery about me getting super worked up. as i turned and left the room, i said to mikey, "daddy is making fun of me for preparing for when the world turns to i am legend." so, for the rest of the afternoon, you can imagine that i've heard about the post apocalyptic zombies that are coming with the storm. and i've just rolled my eyes. cause you can make fun of me all night, garrett - but mikey will be well taken care of tonight, so bite me. and thank you for doing his windows.


Elizabeth Ward said...

Ask me some time about the tristate blackout of 2005. Madeline was 4 months old and the thermostat in our apartment didn't read less than 55 so we only know that it was colder than that in our apartment for 2 days.

garrett said...

:) You're cute.