winter wonderland

today has been a snowy day...  and if it weren't for the fact that the people that snowplow our driveway have left half of our driveway covered with a huge snowbank, the world would be perfect. yesterday we put up our christmas tree. while garrett got the tree set up, i decorated the rest of the house & then we ornamented the tree together.  we needed a few things, so we hit target and then last night & this morning, we finished decorating. i even wrapped all of our presents! [i think having presents under the tree is the best!]

maybe he's the reason i'm so excited for this christmas:
our tree - and yes, i love that his picture is hanging in the background:
one of our new purchases, i don't know why but i really like this:
and garrett had the idea to wrap some of our pictures around the house like presents, like-a-dis:
also, i ordered mikey's stocking & as soon as it comes, i'll post a picture of all of our stockings hanging from our new stocking holders, too.  i'm so excited!


Holly O. said...

I love that your presents are all wrapped! You've inspired me to get cracking. Except if I put presents under the tree too early, they will be opened early...if you know what I mean. Do you? Do you know what I mean?

Jori said...

Cute!!! I love that you wrapped the presents on the wall, you have a clever hubby.

Beth said...

Got our tree up this weekend too. Roy hauled it in, set it up, and then went running, and I stayed home and decorated. That's how it goes in our family...since Roy is not a huge holiday fan. It should be a fun Holiday with your little fam.

Maren said...

Your "like-a-dis" made me giggle. :)