we are thankful for him!

i am thankful for a chance to be a mom.

i am thankful that he sleeps through the night.

i am thankful for his health.

i am thankful for his lovely little toes.

i am thankful for his smiles.

i am thankful that i know his tricks.

i am thankful for all of his blankets that keep him warm.

i am thankful for reflux medicine.

i am thankful he is mine forever.

i am super thankful for his dad, for the love, support and help he is.


garrett said...

I'm so thankful he has you for a mom! Love you hayley! I'm grateful for you in more ways than I could possibly say.

Jan said...

It's so fun to watch (OK, sort of eavesdrop!) your life and truly feel the happiness that is yours. Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

Mom said...

What a sweet Thanksgiving message.

Mom said...
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Jamie said...

He is SUCH a cutie!

Holly O. said...


Hims cute.

Maren said...

What a cute quilt he's sitting on. ;) j/k it just makes me happy knowing you guys use it! (AND, I think it's only the 2nd time I've seen pics of the quilts I've made on a blog... First one was my brother + Gracie's quilt last year).

Love ya!