a blessing

this last week has been a whirlwind. fabulous and wonderful & i'm so glad it happened, but let me just say that mikey and i both slept the afternoon away. and he is currently still sleeping, only now in his daddy's arms. first, mikey and i spent  2 days helping my sister recover from her knee surgery on tuesday. it is hard not being at home with a newborn, we brought a lot of stuff with us both days. then, saturday we blessed mikey. well, garrett blessed him. we got almost our whole family together [everyone from g's side, but we missed heather's kids and husband and holly's husband.] i loved having my family together. the 4 sisters do not get together often enough. heather stayed at my house & i loved, loved, loved it.

 family picture @ the blessing
 mikey, us and our parents @ the blessing
 for each of the grandkids, my dad puts together the book. my dad writes birthday letters to us all every year & they're incredibly special. the book includes right now: the birth birthday letter, a picture of my dad holding the baby, the baby's geneology & extra slots for future birthday letters. it is one of the most special things in the world. all of mikey's future birthday letters from my dad will go in here. but the letter that is already in there is filled with words of wisdom, testimony, humor and memories from the week that they spent with us when mikey was born. this book is a treasure. and i love that my parents oranged it up to fit garrett. us. cause since marrying garrett, i'm all about the orange, too. i don't claim to have started the craze, i give garrett full credit, but i definitely feed into it now. anyway. back to mikey's book. it is very special to us & i know mikey will some day appreciate it, too.
 my mom also presented us with mikey's newest quilt - a Beatrix Potter goody. i love it, thanks momma! but why didn't someone tell me to suck it in?
 the four girls. holly was making goofy faces on the real pictures, only heather and i were goofy when we were supposed to be. heidi never stopped smiling. ;) i loved having all of my sisters together this weekend - it doesn't happen often enough! and i love holly's blue steel.
and then there was some down time where everyone shared mikey & tried to make him smile. here my dad is working extra hard...  apparently mikey was making him working for it. all in all, it was a wonderful weekend. thank you everyone, for making the effort to come. it meant the world to us.

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Kristin Jones said...

Great pictures!! So nice to have all your family there.