rickety swing o' heaven

last night was a bad night sleep wise around here. mikey's reflux was bugging him, he kept waking up to burp or spit up. garrett was up with him for an hour, i was up with him for an hour or two. he wanted to eat more than normal. this morning, when the time came to face the day, i couldn't. my body was protesting doing anything but being in bed. my arms were so sore, i couldn't even hold the baby right. my back is killing, i could go on, but i'll spare you. garrett was working but he was kind enough to rock the baby to try and get him to sleep & that worked for a while. then, he had to switch it up, so he put mikey in the swing. 

our 14 year old swing that has been handed down from 2 sisters and approximately 5 kids. [although i think holly didn't use it with will because of the rickety factor.] this swing isn't quiet. and when we first set it up, i wanted to talk garrett into getting a different one. the ones they make in this decade are much smaller and not as loud. in the end, we kept it. and now, i'm kinda glad it is loud, i don't want mikey getting finicky about noise. 

this morning though, this swing has been a life saver. he's been in it for almost 2 hours. he hasn't always been asleep, but he hasn't cried. not once. a little while ago, he woke up and i sat and watched him smile as he fell back to sleep. i love this baby so dang much, i can't stand it.


Beth said...

Rickety or not it's still got the charm!

Mom said...

He looks comfortable in the swing enjoying his playtime.

garrett said...

He did much better tonight, thank goodness! I'm amazed at how much he likes that swing. I'm glad it's around!

Holly O. said...

Hims nice.

Suzie said...

so smart.

My second-Hannah was such a noise wimp. We tip toes around when she was this age.