real joy

yesterday, one of the speakers at church was talking about joy. she asked us all to think about the last time we felt real joy. not a high from buying something we wanted, not satisfaction from a good meal, you get the point.

while she was saying this, mikey and i were smiling at each other. and i almost started to cry. 

cause i can honestly say that since he's been born, i feel real joy every single day. maybe not all day, every day - things like shots, NICU, screaming in the car, raw butt fiascos, spitting up blood; those things keep us grounded and in reality, but i feel real joy everyday at least at some point. and most of the time, it is an all day thing.

what a blessing.


Jan said...

You know you have received the perfect gift -- and for me, it always told me how much I was loved by our Heavenly Father. (and he trusted ME with these three precious kiddoes -- seriously!)

Joy is right.

Beth said...

What a beautiful tribute to being mothers. I feel as blessed as you to be able to be the mother. Can't wait to know what you mean by that true joy!!

garrett said...

Amen, hayley!!! I just love you and mikey boy.

Suzie said...

this is awesome.
I can't even express how happy I am to see you with this much joy in your life.
I just care about you guys so much.

Holly O. said...

I wonder if you like motherhood?

But seriously, talking to you since you became a mother has inspired me in so many ways to enjoy it more. THANK YOU!

kate said...

Isn't being a mother wonderful?!!

Jori said...

You are a sweet momma. I love how much you appreciate it! It's awesome.

Heather said...

Sweet post Hayley. I KNOW you feel joy everyday, I can tell. You are an inspiration. xo