my future christmas trees

yes, that is plural. someday i hope to have at least 3 trees in my home. 
  1. disney tree
  2. snowflake tree
  3. everything else tree
let me explain. 
  • the disney tree - for the last few years, my sister has given me for christmas the disney storybook ornament sets. i have beauty and the beast, cars, the carolers & monster's inc. i love them. i could keep on collecting these for a few years and easily have enough to do a tree only in disney. it would fit perfectly with the jones upbringing that i had. 
  • the snowflake tree - this year as we were decorating the tree, i realized "wow, we have a lot of snowflakes!" and the idea kinda sprang from that. i like the thought of having a tree with nothing but snowflakes. even my current tree topper is a snowflake. booyah. [how do you spell that word? i'm going to stick with this one.] will definitely need to add to this collection, too. but we're doing pretty good so far.
  • the everything else tree - i have tons of teacher ornaments or just ornaments that were given to me by students. and then there are just plain ol' others...  this tree would probably be a smallish tree somewhere in the house, like a basement game room or a reading nook.
anybody?  come on. i think everyone should support me in my quest & donate an ornament or set to the fund. :) or better yet, feel free to donating to the "get hayley a bigger house so she can get her trees" fund. i'm not picky.


Holly O. said...

You are full of good ideas! My tree is almost all Disney too. That's just the way it is, baby, that's just the way it is.

garrett said...

I love our tree. And can't wait to see a Disney one!

Jori said...

I want a whole forest too.