the funny look

garrett and i like to laugh. we like to make each other laugh. we like things that make us laugh. a few tv shows really entertain the you know what out of us. modern family & 30 rock are some of them. we both laugh out loud at least once during each episode of those shows. i think we both really appreciate "intelligent" humor. something quick & witty - if you're not paying attention, it'll totally go over your head. my favorite part of watching these shows with garrett is when we both do a quick look at each other, cause the show is so funny that we have to make sure the other one caught it...  its so funny that a look says it all. i love those shows. but more, i love my husband.


garrett said...

There were tons of those looks during the last 30 Rock. :) I love you!

tara said...

easily the best two shows on tv. no comparison.

Suzie said...

you guys are solid.