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i started blogging in april of 2007. at the time, i was a wounded, struggling, cynical, emotional mess. i had been hurt pretty bad in the love department & at the time seriously doubted that i'd ever find true love. i wasn't even sure i wanted it. i surely didn't think i'd ever be where i am now,  a wonderfully happily married woman with a baby, living a life i'd always dreamed of but didn't really realize would be so dang perfect for me.

sometimes when i look back at how blogging has changed for me, it makes me a little sad. i didn't start blogging to become an internet sensation of popularity. i started blogging because i wanted to have an outlet to write, to journal, to vent... i knew i hadn't done so well with an actual journal in the past, so i thought i'd give this format a go. it has worked well. but, i didn't realize how much i'd like sharing my thoughts with people. and getting their responses. i blame the convenience of google reader for things changing - and yet, i still use it. along with 2 of my sisters, we formed a little group of blogging friends. i never thought i'd make friends over the internet... kinda laughed at that, but it has happened and now that those friendships have sorta faded, i miss them. some of those people rarely blog anymore, some made their blogs private, whatever the reasons - the personal touch has faded. sad. i still blog, because like i said, i never blogged for popularity. i blog for me. i just miss the good ol' days of blogging a little. but i am much more content with where my life is now, so i'll cope.

i will continue to blog to journal, to vent, to write. i used to be bugged with blogs that only posted about their kids...  yes, i realize i'm a hypocrite & that i'm becoming one of those people. but in my defense, my baby is very young [in other words he consumes my whole world] & i'm trying to write about other things, too. and while my ranting and hanging out labels used to be my most blogged about, now geekiness and my little family are making their way to the top - i couldn't be happier about it, even if it makes me a little bit of a hypocrite.

in an attempt to make blogging what it used to be again for me, i am going to be a better commenter in 2011.


Beth said...

you are a great commenter! I don't blog to see all the comments, because it really is more for me than anything, but let me tell you...I love seeing your fun and quirky comments. It makes one feel as if she is writing something worth reading. So thanks for your friendship!!!

Maren said...

I think that's kinda why I went private... I don't need my sad pathetic love life plastered all over... especially if I'm the one doing the plastering. (hehe) Anyway... I'd rather not blog (as you can tell)... I've LOVED reading your blog though! You've healed and grown in so many ways! Love you Hayls!

Suzie said...

so glad we've made it through this cold, cold bloggy world.
I love yer guts!

100 Percent Cottam said...

i agree. and NOW, in addition to reading on google reader, i mostly read on my phone, which makes it even harder. still love knowing what's up with you and so happy to see you so happy & as the cutest mama ever!!!

Holly O. said...

Hayley, you are cute.

That is all.