some helpful baby products

i've been thinking a lot lately about a few things that have made a difference in my simple little life. i just thought i'd share, cause i have one friend that is gearing up to have her first baby & maybe she can benefit from a thing or two. maybe someone else can, too. i definitely appreciate these things.

  • medela tender care. for my tenders. the hospital gave me a sample, my sister - among many others recommended it... lets just say i've got more than a sample bottle now. momma needy. oh how i wish i didn't need them, but i do. 
  • nursing gel packs. also, for my tenders. so sad that these are needed. but they are proving to be life savers.
  • baby 411. great book. i know i mentioned this before. i really want to buy my own copy.
  • aden and anais blankets. best.swaddling.blanket.ever. thanks to tori, i've now got a few. which means when mikey spits up or leaks out and the blanket gets dirty, i don't immediately need to do a load of laundry. [i didn't know before now that you can purchase these bad boys @ target online. cool! though their "real" website has more varietals.]
  • milk band bracelet. just got this today in the mail, but already i love it. i can not for the life of me keep straight which side we started on last. 
  • the boppy. helps my arms from falling off.
  • organic little seed cap and booties. of course, ours are in orange [thanks, emity!] but the target website doesn't have a link for them for some crazy a$$ reason. but i know they're still at target, i done seen 'em. these guys go perfectly with 99.9% of mikey's wardrobe.
  • project life. yeah, this is probably the thing that i love the most.
  • flip camera. this video camera is small & not "professional" but convenient and so handy. momma do likey.
  • baby bjorn. to keep my hands free, and yet he's still being held. nice.
  • picnik.com - for photo editing. cause not everyone is fancy and bourgeois and can afford photoshop.  the above photo collage was done on the site.


Holly O. said...

I loved my flip until it stopped connecting with my computer. Then I revolted and hated it.

Mom said...

Love that little smiling monkey. I mean Mikey. Times have sure changed. I didn't recognize most of the products. We use to use a safety pin on each side to keep track of which was next.

Beth said...

Thanks for all the helpful advice! It really will come in handy when we down and dirty in a few months. I totally registered for those swaddeling blankets, but I know I'm definately going to invest in those first few items.