Rantings from my iPod

It is 1:52 am and I am nursing Mikey. That's not what has me grumpy.

My achy sore for what seems like no good reason body got me started. Then finding a grumpy email from my sister didn't help. [she wasn't grumpy with me, she showed me something incredibly obnoxious and I joined her grump.]

The raging wind and storm outside doesn't help. That storm is just lucky it only woke up me, not Mikey. He just woke up for food.

I want my body to stop aching. I want people to get over themselves, seriously. Oh that reminds me... Another thing making me grumpy: guest post bloggers. Another group of people that need to get over themselves. In my mind, they can't write their own crap. I'm taking guest poster people out of my google reader in the morning. I just don't have time to be reading their other people's crap. Don't even get me started on giveaways right now...

Time to burp and switch sides. Rant over. Back to smiling at the baby.


Jan said...

Amen to all of the above - -we've had a lot of achy stuff going on too. Hope you get feeling better ASAP! And smile at Mikey for me too!

Holly O. said...

Oh my gosh! You and me both on the giveaways and the guest post crap. I also hate the "see what I wrote over here" crap too. I don't know why.

I'm probably jealous.


tara said...

loathe giveaways. loathe guest posters.

love holly's comment.

sounds like you, hooj and I could have ripped it up yesterday. I was on a RAMPAGE myself. nice.