never again. never again!

i am quickly turning into one of those moms that is going to be beyond helicopter mom. i'm not even going to let him do things because of the need to protect mikey from experiencing pain of any sort.

i like to hope i'm kidding here. 

but to be honest, when i think of mikey getting hurt, i could cry. yesterday, when i found blood on his jammies, i lost it. when mikey's umbilical cord bled a little before it fell off, i lost it bad. when they took him away from me in the middle of the night when he was 24 hours old, those people were lucky that i could barely move or else i would've gotten in their faces and they would've been lucky to go home without injury. to say the least, i really lost it then. it was worse than just doing the ugly cry... 

i just can't stand to know that he's hurting. 

a couple of weeks ago, when this episode of cougar town aired, garrett and i kinda laughed. but more and more, i can see the logic of jules for not letting her son play football. mostly kidding here. "never again. never again!" has been uttered around our house a few too many times by me lately.


garrett said...

And I can see you telling him, "I don't know, I guess you just decided you hated it." :) kidding! It'll be rough to see him get hurt, but he'll be ok in the end. And maybe by the time we hear the story of how he thought he could jump from one brand of a tree to another, we'll laugh a little--after responsibly taking care of him and getting a cast put on the broken bone, of course. :)

Holly O. said...

No worries, the kids in pain gets a little easier as they get older. I mean, I'm not saying I ENJOY their pain or anything, but it does get easier to deal with.