dry shampoo

in an effort to not only talk about my adorable baby & how much i love him, i'm doing a post about dry shampoo. i've always been a wash my hair every day kinda girl. i have heard from hair people that it isn't healthy for me, blah blah blah, but i could just never shake the grease factor, especially with bangs. or as the hair people call it these days. fringe. [and why do we call it fringe?]

a couple of years ago, i got my hair cut at a bumble and bumble salon & the girl that did my hair there encouraged me to use their dry shampoo. but the stuff was like $30 for a little bottle and i was like "hell no!" fast forward to the present and i was on the phone with my sister and somehow we got on the topic. she said she's used the tresemme dry shampoo. about a month later, i finally got around to purchasing myself some.

i'm liking it. i still shower everyday. unless i'm not showering for the day, but that is pretty rare. i just try to wash my hair only every other day now. and i think i'm the only one that knows about it. i just have to not think about the fact that there is stuff in there to help neutralize odor, cause then i'd be back to washing everyday. yes, i'm that neurotic.

and i'm happy to report that the tresemme stuff is less than $5. momma likey. there. i hope this post wasn't too dry for you. stay tuned tomorrow for a post about mikey, i can pretty much guarantee that.


Elizabeth Ward said...

If I were to wash my hair every day it would start being oily by the end of the day. Every other day is my most frequent but I have always had an oily problem with my hair and there are very few shampoos for oily hair and only the pricey ones that I have tried work. I have always wondered about the dry shampoo. For less than $5. I think I could give it a try. Thanks!

Aimee said...

Hmmmm... I'm skeptical. Does your hair still feel like it's got goop/product in it? I remember when I was in the hospital and I hadn't been able to shower for DAYS b/c of rounds of magnesium. I felt beyond disgusting, and finally demanded a sponge bath (they kept me up in L&D the whole time and the nurses there weren't accustomed to having a patient stick around more than 24 hours). I was ready to dunk my head in the plastic pink tub (they wouldn't let me get out of bed) until a nurse showed up with this shower in a cap thing. It was a type of dry shampoo that you'd apply within a shower cap... the best part was that it smelled like vomit with perfume on top. I'm glad you like the Tresemme.

kate said...

You are too funny! I love all your posts..especially about your little man! I'll have to try this product, I like the price too!

Suzie said...

hmmmm. I'll have to give this a try.

I used to use a pretty expensive one once in while when I borrowed it from the old ladies I used to hair for.