bullet points o' happiness

today has been a productive day, considering mikey is only taking his first nap since waking up at 6:30. and he should wake up soon, so i better make this quick.

here's a small list of the things i've accomplished. yes, i realize it isn't a ton, but with the way my life is these days, it is huge to me.
  • showered and put makeup on.
  • put away 2 loads of laundry. well. i folded garrett's stuff, it isn't put away - i leave that for him. i know, i'm a jerk. but i fold his undies even, which i don't do for myself, so give me some credit.
  • 2 loads of laundry done.
  • put away maternity clothes.
  • put away clothes that are seasonal/too small.
  • moved out the summer clothes, moved in the winter clothes.
  • got caught up on project mikey
  • sat and had 1 sided conversations with a happy, smiling baby. well, i might've been the only one saying words, but to me - his smiles said a million words.
still on the agenda:
  • capture the smile on camera. 
  • at least one more load of laundry
  • put away remaining laundry.


Elizabeth Ward said...

wow! that sounds like a great day :)

Suzie said...

that's actually quite a list of accomplishments for a new mama.

you're such a good one.