4 weeks!

  • garrett loves saturdays because he gets to sit and hold mikey as much as he wants. i, of course, love watching.
  • it is crazy when i am ready to nurse before mikey. that's all i'll say on the matter. but whoa. 
  • there were 2 nights in a row this week [right after he had an amazing night] that mikey wouldn't stay asleep after i nursed him, all night long. i don't like when sleep won't stick. luckily, last night we were back on track. 
  • i'm the one getting spoiled, for the most part. tired hayley = emotionally drained hayley. scary!
  • it is funny, cause i don't find myself emotionally drained with mikey - just every.one.else.
  • garrett just told me that he's got a crease in his arm. it is official - this baby is developing rolls on his arms and legs. maybe we should go get my teeth filed.
  • we put up his parts collage this week & i still haven't taken a picture of it. i need to, because it is absolutely adorable. [need to switch the lens on my camera.] i feel a little prideful, but i am absolutely taken with how precious my baby is. 
  • baby 411 is a great book for new moms. i've got it from the library right now and am reading it, but it might be one i purchase just to have on hand for reference. my pediatrician recommended it to me.my only complaint is that the book is an awkward shape. not easy to hold one handed, which is how i typically hold my books these days.
  • last night, 2 freaky things happened in the dark of the night when i was temporarily the only one up. i say temporarily, because of course i woke up garrett and after the 2nd time, he was up with me for the rest of the night whenever i was up. he's a saint, i tell you. garrett's computer woke up out of sleep for no good reason and my phone woke up for no good reason. damn, people. i only like things turning on when they've been told to. not when i'm sitting there alone and in the dark.
  • we're making a yummy treat today. my friend meeja brought it over when she came to meet mikey. oh boy! and we're having friends over to play games. i'm feeling excited for the entertainment. and i'm going to try to not eat all of the treat by myself. this will be a good exercise for sharing. cause i could easily down this treat all by my self.
  • since mikey's been born, i think i've only had dr pepper in the hospital. it is so wierd, cause i've probably never been so tired & yes, i used to drink to perk myself up in the morning at school. but i just don't want to put it in my body, cause mikey will get it. crazy, huh?! in general, i think twice before i put any ol' crap in my body lately. too bad i didn't feel this way while pregnant. could've saved myself some of that 50 pounds. and i'm not not eating because i'm trying to lose weight, it is because i don't want my baby to get it. 
  • my stack of mail that i need to go through is enormous. i keep saying "tomorrow" and it keeps not happening. it is ridiculous. 
  • i can't believe how much laundry we do around here these days. i'm not complaining - it isn't a big deal, it is just way more than i have ever done before. the things you will do just to have that perfect swaddling blanket clean! 
  • mikey still typically will not take a bink. maybe once a day for a few minutes. but mostly, he gags on it. crazy kid. 
  • i can feel the scar tissue layers deep from my incision. it doesn't hurt, i can just feel it. it is odd. i'm kinda amazed with my c-section recovery. i think i've felt pretty good and have recovered for the most part very speedy like. 
  • i still cry out in pain most of the time when he latches on. i don't know if it is a painful letdown or that he doesn't get the whole thing in there properly. but it hurts. like hell. 
  • i could cry when i think about the NICU still. i try not to think of it, cause my baby is healthy now. but it seems like that was just yesterday.  i can't believe it has been 4 weeks. 
  • in fact, i can remember many a times growing up complaining about slow time progression and my dad telling me that as a parent, it always seems like time moves too fast. now, i understand. i want time to go slowly. i can't believe it has already been 4 weeks.


Paige Goepfert said...

This video helped me with breastfeeding - something about seeing it made it easier for me to understand what needed to happen.


Hayley said...

thanks paige! i'll watch it tomorrow. although i think it might have a little to do with me not being the right size/shape. yuck. i'm sorry, that's a lot of detail.

pammy said...

I cannot believe it! 4 weeks have gone by and i still haven't been over to see you! I am sorry but I will come by because I have something for your adorable little guy!

Jori said...

I love mommy Hayley, you are very cute! C sections are weird my stomach was numb for 2 years after..strange.

Hayley said...

jori, tib explained it to me as the nerves need time to reattach and heal. the numbness is so strange! some things are tender, some i just can't feel.

Jori said...

Okay that makes sense I was wondering what the deal was.

Heather said...

I like your sum up...but your treat link doesn't work, does it? Maybe it's just me. I love you as a Mommy. You are such a cute Mom. You have not disappointed me :)