the weight wrap up

it is storming out. i'm not complaining, not really. it is good for the earth, especially for the herriman fire. but this week, my desires to go for afternoon walks after garrett is done working have been squandered. first the air was terrible, then today rain. i'm not feeling cooped up, i just actually want to get out and go for a walk. it'll be good for me - i feel like in the hospital, i recovered from the c-section quicker than normal cause of our every 3 hours trips to the NICU. i was motivated to get up and move, without the bulky wheelchair. now, it is limited to the pacing while comforting in my little house. i don't think it is enough. oh well, maybe a walk tomorrow. 

wow. that's a long introduction to what i really intended to write about in this post. the first paragraph and the rest of this post are related, i hope you'll be able to figure that part out.

i gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. i wasn't really paying attention along the way. i mean, i knew i was large, but i didn't care about the numbers. today, i figured the numbers out. i was a little bit shocked. and if you've ever read my blog, you know that i'm an over sharer. i pretty much have no secrets. i'm not going to tell the real numbers, but i will confess the amount. 50 pounds. i gained 50 freaking pounds from start to finish. i'm honestly glad that i didn't figure that out while pregnant, cause there were times when i really felt big and didn't want to be seen by anyone. 

in the almost 2 weeks since mikey's birth [seriously? slow down time!] i've lost 30 pounds. in the week that we've been home from the hospital, about 13 pounds. i haven't really exercised. no, i haven't exercised at all, lets be real. i have been doing a couple of things though, eating wise. before i left the hospital, i had 2 very important sit downs with the lactation specialist, cause my baby was not loving nursing after a few days of bottle feeding. this was not the plan - i wanted to nurse and as frustrating as it was at times, i'm so glad that i pushed on and fought that battle. she really helped me. one of the things that she told me about is how important my diet is to his sleeping and my milk supply. she emphasized eating frequent, small meals. now, i like the frequent part, but the small part... that's where the adjustment has been for me. a piece of fruit will do at times. and i'm supposed to eat about every 2 hours. and she said the most important eat that i do is at about 10:30 at night - a protein. she said that it'll hold the baby over and that he'll sleep longer in the night. truth be told, this is probably the hardest one for me to get right, because i'm exhausted by about 9 and the last few nights, i just get up and crawl into bed, leaving garrett with mikey for a little while. back to my late night protein. it can be a half turkey sandwich or some cottage cheese. i've opted for cottage cheese most nights, because it doesn't seem as heavy. 

the lactation specialist also recommended keeping a food journal, so i'd remember what i've eaten, etc. from past experience, i also know myself and know that keeping a food journal keeps me under more control. being honest and putting on paper what i've eaten... it makes me want to eat less. or at least more reasonably. today completes the first week of food journaling & i can easily say that it is helping. it is good for me to document what i'm eating, to make sure i'm eating my snacks, but to realize "no, you shouldn't have a twinkie, you've already had a cupcake today." maybe someday i won't be the kind of person who wants to eat twinkies, cupcakes, cookies, oreos, and ice cream all in the same day. until then - i'll journal. and hopefully get out for walks. here's a link to the food journal download i'm currently using. 

believe me, i know there is a lot more than the 20 pounds to lose to get to healthy. i promise myself that i'll do better than just getting below the pre-pregnancy weight.

and i wouldn't feel complete without sharing a picture from today:


Holly O. said...

Goose. If I can do it, you can do it.

Mom said...

You are on track. You have decided and that makes all the difference. Mikey looks so comfortable with his daddy.

Beth said...

Your on your way Hayley! You're already doing awesome with the the food journal and once you get out a little that will help too. You'll be rocking NON-mom jeans very soon!

Heather said...

Way to go sis! xo