modern family season 2 promo:

ok. i've given up that mikey will be born early. but he better be born and we better be home from the hospital in time for me to catch the season 2 opener or i will be less than thrilled. priorities, right?

p.s. does anyone know when season 1 comes out on dvd? that might be just the little "congrats, you had a baby" present i need for myself.


Aimee said...

DVR? If you guys don't have one yet, it's seriously so worth it... especially when you're up at 3am and the only thing on are Meaningful Beauty infomercials.

Holly O. said...

September 21, BABYYYY.

Hayley said...

oh we definitely have a dvr. but still. :)

and thanks hojo - i'll be getting that treat asap.

tiburon said...

I am so excited I can't stand it!! LOVE that show :)