he was right... again!

  • garrett knew i was pregnant when i didn't think i was. he didn't say much because well, he's smart. he's learned me. he knows when it is a good time to argue with me and when it is not. besides - in the long run, he ended up being right. so burn on me, right?  
  • when we went in for an 8 week appointment, the nurse heard a fast heartbeat & said "oh, its a girl" and garrett said he knew deep down that mikey was going to be a boy. again, he didn't say anything because of the what-if-i-was-wrong? thought. again though - he was right.
  • around july, garrett started predicting that mikey would be born on september 11th.  this one he voiced. when i was scheduled last friday for an induction i thought finally i would have him beat! i didn't think it was possible that i'd be in labor til the next day... and technically i wasn't. around 11 pm friday night they turned the labor off & called for a c-section. only there was one more person in line before me... so ours was scheduled for a little after midnight. which meant that mikey was born after midnight. on september 11th. he won again. he's always right! at this point, i don't mind. 
garrett is a wonderful daddy. i love watching him hold his boy. his little mini me


garrett said...

And if you think about it, he is my mini me, what with his middle name and all. :)

Next time, though, I'm going to predict a labor and delivery that is free of both NICU visits life-flight rides.

Mich and Nate said...

Your mini me is so stinkin cute! I am sooo happy you guys are home now and things are going a little smoother! Get my mom over there to help you with your night shifts! She is good at trying to get the baby to go back to sleep after you nurse so you can get a little sleep!

Jan said...

SO sweet. I love the daddy/son pics - and I love that Garrett really did know all along. So happy things are going well!