happy birthday!

dear grandpa,

man, do i miss you! will you please come to my house again real soon? i really enjoyed cuddling you. i especially liked the way you held my hands and kissed my head. 

my mom has told me about how you came in the middle of the night when i had to go to primary children's hospital. that really meant a lot to her, to not be alone. in fact, she's mentioned a few times [sometimes with tears] that that whole week you were here was almost too good to be true. thanks for coming and caring about me. i'm sorry you had to see my mom do the ugly cry, she's kinda embarrassing, but i'm glad someone was there to hold her head.

i can't wait until i'm big enough to hear your stories. i've heard they're pretty creative. i can't wait to talk to you and hear your wisdom. i'm sure at some point i'll like to talk on the phone and tell silly things to you. i think i'm pretty lucky to have gmail video chat working during my lifetime, too. maybe someday you'll retire and move closer to me, too. what fun! can we have sleepovers then? i hope we'll get to share rootbeer floats and that you'll let me sit on your lap and watch some disney movies. my mom said she used to do that when she was a little girl and that was pretty great. 

grandpa, i love you. i think it is pretty cool i'm named after you [and my dad - 2 pretty cool dudes]. i'm glad we get to share a birthday month.

love, mikey


Holly O. said...

Stop it!!!! Cutest post ever.

Heather B said...

P.S. Grandpa, would you like a picture for your birthday? I think my mom may have taken one... Wait, let me check.

Just kidding. So cute of a post and so cute of a kid.

Mom said...

Thank you Hayley and Mikey. You can just imagine how much your dad loved that.

Hayley said...

heather - that was me cutting back on sharing pictures! :) i could've done a collage but was kind of in a rush!

tara said...

adorable hayley. LOVE that onsie too.

Suzie said...

this is so sweet on a multitude of levels.

Jori said...

You are making me teary.