granny panties

when you have a c-section, granny panties are a must for recovery. you don't want anything hitting you right at the bikini line. i was fortunate enough to have a friend who 3 weeks before me had a baby c-section style & she's been very helpful with giving all kinds of tips and advice for a speedy recovery. 

the hospital provides you with some pretty fancy meshy hugely cut granny panties. they come all rectangular in shape but stretch out nice and large. they work wonders and i'm pretty sure everyone wishes that they'd send you home with a 6 week supply. please tell me i'm not the only one who cleaned out that cupboard as i left?

well, during one of our many days in the hospital, i had a moment.don't get me wrong, i had many a moments...  but i'm telling about one in particular here today. i don't remember what it was about - that part doesn't matter. i was hormonal, recovering from a c-section and dealing with the stress of a baby - my first - in the NICU. i don't think anyone would blame me for crying.

during this particular moment, my dad jumped up and said "i'll get you a washcloth to wash your face off." and he went into my bathroom and looked in the cupboard and ran some water. he came out with a pair of my granny panties...  all wet with warm water for me to wash off my face. he's a thoughtful guy. he was around a lot during that stay, but he wasn't in the bathroom with me [sorry garrett and mom] and he didn't know any better. but he can always provide a little comic relief. i, through my tears, shouted, "dad! those are my underwear!" and we all laughed. i stopped crying. well, for a few seconds at least until the pain of laughter kicked in. i'm pretty sure he was mortified.
maybe one of these times i'll tell about how when my mom and garrett went to go buy me some granny panties and my mom figured that the bigger the better. that was a good one, too.

dad, i'm sorry i had to post a picture of you in a post titled "granny panties" - i hope you still love me.


Holly O. said...

That there is the cutest grandpa in the world.

Beth said...

It's just too funny not to mention. I'm glad your dad is such a good sport, and of course such a caring father!

Mom said...

We all had a good laugh over that one. Stress relief. Thank you, Michael.

Heather said...

Good underwear story! Poor Dad :) I liked those meshy undies too very comfy for all sorts of recoveries ;)

Heather B said...

I don't blame your dad. I didn't know what they were either. And the ones at my hospital even had a little bow on them. Like they think they can make them cute or something. Trust me, underwear people, it's a lost cause!

Aimee said...

Those were the best panties! After discharge, I even got a couple more pair from the nurses in Mother/Baby - but they were seeing us everyday, so it was no big deal.