cookies will make you cry!

i was trying to recover from having a little moment. i was alone in the room for a second recouping and then there was a knock on the door with a delivery... these cookies. from my dear sister holly. guess what? they sent me right back over the edge. yes folks, i did the ugly cry over these cookies. holly, thank you so much. 

garrett's better than i am about remembering the details. he wrote an email to his boss this morning & then put it on his blog, if you're interested, read here. when we went down for his last feeding, we talked to the pediatrician and got some more updates. i'll think about doing a post later with those details. right now i think i should probably try and get a little nap in.

lastly, remember how i'm doing project life for my son's first year of life?  well, i'm also doing a little blog to help myself stay up to date. i'll post his daily picture there & the journaling to go with it. i put a little link [mainly for myself] on the right side of my blog, and in case anyone is interested in a daily dose o' mikey.


Beth said...

Aren't sisters wonderful! What a sweet thing to do for you. By the ways I absolutely love that picture of Mikey and his tounge...too good!

Aimee said...

Great idea to capture his first year! I'm so glad I did that for Connor... and even though it took me hours to complete, I love the book we have to commemorate it. You, Mikey, and his future family, will treasure every word & picture!

Holly O. said...

Cookies make me cry too. I'm glad you liked them. And I absolutely love love love that you are doing project life. Document away!!!!