why couldn't this have been available last year?

oh, this is something that is making me wish i was teaching this year.  i hope one of my teacher friends decides to do it. [and if you do, tell me & show me how it turns out!!!] what a cute little project!!! this whole yearbook project is FREE and downloadable here. i'm liking that becky higgins more and more everyday. and, i think i'm going to be printing one of baby sleeping signs, too.


Aimee said...

SO cute! You can save the idea and execute in a few years when you're one of those room moms. :)

For my door, I want to make a "By Appointment Only" sign. Would that be rude?? Because seriously, when I'm still in my pajamas, covered in baby food puree and baby cereal, I don't care how I know you, I don't want to open my door!

Mom said...

I'm sure you will use that kind of stuff in your own playroom and with Mikey. He is going to have a super mom.

em said...

That is a cute idea! I'm thinking I need to do that with my class. Thanks for sharing!