what's keeping me occupied

  • LOST. i promised garrett [a huge lost fan, even if he didn't like the series finale...] that i would watch LOST someday when i had time to just watch it through and through. being put on almost bed rest this summer has helped me find the time. i'm more than halfway through season 3 & am enjoying it. i also made him promise that he'd answer any and every question i ever did have as i went. i quit watching the show after season 2, mainly because i wasn't patient enough to not have answers.
  • books. i've been reading a lot. a lot of ol' favorites. i'm enjoying it. i'm grateful that this is a "quite time" in life right now, and i'm glad i've had lots of reading time. i love reading. my bookclub met again last night, after the summer break. it was exciting to see "my ladies" and to get more ideas for reading. it is always refreshing to have a new stack of books to add to my list.
  • curriculum planning. what? you say - rightfully so... cause yes, i know, i'm not teaching this year. but i've been helping the girl that was my student teacher this last year. she starts teaching on tuesday & i've been giving her pointers. she's going to be teaching 1st grade and i don't know everything [shocked that i'd admit to that? its true. pregnancy has humbled me.] but i can point her in the right direction. she came over this afternoon & we sat down and looked at things, and i am not ashamed to admit that i miss it. miss planning & organizing. she brought her mostly empty plan book and i kept looking at it thinking,"oh the things you can do!"
  • canning tomatoes. liz IM-ed me last week and wanted to know if i wanted to can some tomatoes with her. and honestly my initial reaction was almost to just say no. i don't even like tomatoes for hells sake. but...  i got to thinking about it... food storage, bonding, what else do i have going on? and decided why not? and i'm not sad i went and did it. i ended up with a lot more than i expected [stained finger nails and super swollen feet] and i had a fantastic day. it only adds to my domestic goddessness. last week, one morning for breakfast, i got garrett and i both our breakfasts, which might have consisted of chocolate cake and a glass of milk & threw some stuff in the oven for lunch and declared myself a "domestic goddess" - 2 "meals" in one day? a hell of a lot more than the norm for me lately. we had a good laugh over that one.at least we can still laugh about it.
  • dr appointments. since yesterday, i've been having contractions. nothing serious. they're not consistent or frequent enough or painful really, just uncomfortable. but enough that they have me paying attention. i'm dialated to a 1. also doesn't mean much, and i realize that... but tonight starts the walks [blood pressure is good for 2 weeks in a row now] and other such activities to get this baby coming sooner rather than later. my dr told me that at this point the more active i can stand to be, the better off it'll be for getting my body ready to poop this kid out. so. feel free to leave a comment with any and every suggestion/tip/trick to get me into labor. but don't tell me i should drink castor oil. cause for the love of pete and all that is holy, i won't do that. so far, my dr recommended: walks and that other thing. don't worry, i clarified what he meant - and we were on the same page of understanding, so you know, i got those 2. thanks. but i'd love anything else suggestion wise!!!


Heather B said...

"poop this kid out"

"that other thing"

I just love you Hayley. I'm so excited for you to have a baby. Being the spitfire that you are, I can't wait to see you kid. (I say that with a little pure curiousity, and a little snarkishness.)

Beth said...

Can't wait to see either! Anyways as far as getting the show on the road...Roy mentioned to you about a pregnancy pizza...ya not quite sure what it is, but if your interested I can do some digging for you. Apparently, it's got a high success rate! Anyways good luck with all the upcoming happenings.

Mom said...

Can't remember what brings on labor-it has been too long. Sounds like you are keeping busy. This is an exciting time. It will all be over with before you know it and Mikey will be here to help keep your day filled.

Christy said...

Go to the temple. That's when Emily decided to come! :)

Paige Goepfert said...

I drank rasperry leaf tea for a few days and then my water broke. Probably had no correlation...but that's all I got!