me whining about being pregnant... again.

last week, my blood pressure hadn't gone down as much as the dr wanted it to, so he expressed the seriousness of the situation...  and i'd done some things better, but i wasn't being as careful as i should've been about the salt content in my diet. i'm happy to report that after 1 week of really "being good" it is better. that's a relief. and i'll keep sleeping in and napping everyday. 

i won't get into how useless i feel most days. garrett basically does everything around our house right now. and he doesn't complain, but i feel guilty. but i'm not supposed to be doing it, so... it can just be a little depressing sometimes. i'm trying to not feel worthless... but besides reading, computering, napping - what else do i do? not much.

i burned my belly last week when garrett was making dinner. 3 inch burn right above my belly button. he was making dinner & i was on the phone with my sister. he asked me a question, instead of answering him, i got up to get what he was looking for. forgot that the pan on the stove was hot & immediately started crying. not fun. it hurt, but i think it was also a little emotional breakdown, too.

yesterday, i was feeling cooped up. i've been avoiding being outside like crazy because of the heat. but i just craved being outside. last summer, we spent some time with jared and liz up big cottonwood canyon doing overnighters and little campout dinners. i'd never enjoyed being outside, up in the mountains like that before. in fact, if you asked some in my family, they'd tell you i'm the most non-outdoorsy person ever. anyway - we talked jared and liz into a drive up the canyon and roasting smores. it was beautiful up there- cool, lovely in fact. the treats were tasty. the company was wonderful. and i got to enjoy being outside without sweating like a stuffed pig. when we got home last night, i was so refreshed. and happy. and even though my eyes stung a little from the campfire smoke, it was all worth it.

oh...  and at my dr appointment today, i got checked. and while that part wasn't fun - when i got home, i kinda got a little freaked out. or excited. or something. this was the first time that they were checking my body to see if it is getting itself ready to have this baby. the end is near. i'm so looking forward to him being here.

i'm also so thankful for a husband who doesn't seem to mind. he doesn't seem to mind doing all of the dishes and laundry. he asks me all the time if i need anything & he's quick to do thoughtful things before i ask for something, like my water bottle being filled. i really am the luckiest girl alive to have ended up with him.


Beth said...

congrats on getting "checked"...the time is getting closer. Imagine how productive you'll feel taking care of that little bundle. Ha...oh and thanks for the book, it's really good!

Aimee said...

Whine, whine away... in your condition, you can get away with it! You're almost there...

Schagel Family said...

I also think that you are totally alowed to whine. I feel like such a bad friend not calling you and seeing how you are doing. I will try and call you next week sometime. I love you. Take care.