"millions of peaches...

peaches for me. "

momma do likey peaches. this week i found white peaches on sale. so i got some. cause i'm trying to supplement my diet of cheeseburgers and french fries with some actual food.

and they are delish. but very messy to eat due to the juices. i find myself eating them hunched over the sink, slurping like a stuffed pig. wait. i kinda am a stuffed pig right now, so i guess the lack of manners is excusable, right?

how do you eat your peaches? all prime and proper like? or over the sink like me and my hillbilly self?

garrett just came in and said "can i bend over the sink and enjoy a peach with you?"


Beth said...

As a kid I used to cut them up and put milk over them...kinda like peaches and cream, but without the cream.

Heather B said...

Nope, I'm a slurper. It could be worse. Since Hayley isn't tall enough for sink slurping, there are some things we make her eat over the garbage. Great parents, huh? "Go stand over the garbage to eat!"

I think prep days start Tuesday, but since I haven't gotten anything in the mail about them to confirm (ahem, Boss...) I'm not totally sure. But maybe pool Monday? I'll let you know. :)

Holly O. said...

You can eat however you want in your own home. To be honest, I'm just glad you didn't tell us you ate them on the toilet or something like that.

Mom said...

When they are that messy you don't have a choice. When they are a little harder I like to cut them up like orange slices. Peaches over ice cream is yummy.