"i kiss it better"

[thanks for the picture, holly.]

we went to st. george last weekend. it was great fun. we celebrated will's birthday. that baby turned 3. and he's not so much a baby anymore, although i do still love a good cuddle time with him. i can't believe how big he's gotten, so fast.

i was sitting on the couch at one point & holly's dog came over and plopped his foot down on top of mine and proceeded to stretch. my little foot got squished and pinched by that dog's claws. it wasn't my favorite part of the weekend.

what was one of my favorite parts was when i yelled out in pain & will dropped his toy he was playing with nearby to come check on me. i told him what happened & he bent down and before i could stop him [cause as sweet as it was, i wouldn't make anyone kiss my feet] he kissed it better. he looked up at me with a smile on his face, expecting that to make the sting go away. he said, "i kiss it better." his sweetness did make me feel better. i miss that kid.


Holly O. said...

He wasn't sweet today, I assure you.

Mom said...

How sweet. Kisses do make things feel better.