the fourth was a bust here.

well, the 3rd wasn't. we had a nice day with garrett's family. movie. bbq. fireworks. by the time 9 o'clock rolled around though, i was feeling off. i hadn't quite pinpointed what was wrong, i just knew that i was tired and not right. i woke up around 2 in the morning and "the sick" started. that lasted most of the morning, along with miserable body aches. apparently - and yes, i confirmed with my dr this morning - i am sensitive to lots of "activity" and need to have plenty of water. i will confess saturday i didn't drink enough water. and paid dearly for it yesterday. ["the sick" is a polite way of describing: barfing, diarrhea, or if you're super lucky - a combo deal of both at the same time. i had all three this lovely weekend.]

dr says: my blood pressure is "good" - and the swelling is due to probably a combination of too much salt, too much on my feet time, not enough taking it easy time. which is good, cause the last 3 weeks were definitely rough with moving out of my school. but that's done now. i won't have to be outside if i don't want to be. i can put my feel up when i need to & try to stay cool as much as possible. i will, too. i will have more time and energy to eat healthier. and i'll never leave home without my water bottle again.

i was so worried that i had killed garrett's 4th. i kept apologizing for it. i think he thought i was silly. he kept saying "you aren't ruining my holiday." and i said, "well, this is ruining mine!"

today we're going to go to the pool with garrett's siblings. i'll stay in the shade with my water as much as possible, considering i still don't feel 100%. i feel much better, but my energy is low and i've still got some of the aches and pains. yikes.

i'm done with school. thursday afternoon was really hard. friday morning was hard. but i pulled it together and survived the day. i love teaching. i will miss it indeed, but i know this is a better choice for my family. and i can't wait for this baby to come along. i still can't believe i'm done. 9 years is a long time.

i'm off to enjoy the last day of this long weekend with garrett. yesterday doesn't count cause i was puking most of the day. this day needs to end our weekend with a bang.

p.s. i love my country.


Beth said...

Man Hayley,I can imagine your getting very tired of all the "sick" you've been getting. I hope you get some good relaxing time in before Garret goes back to work. Good luck finding your balance between being productive and taking it easy. Let me know if you need anything!

Maren said...

I love this country too. Glad I don't live in Canada anymore. Sorry about the sicks. :( Sounds like you need to put your feet up and have someone feed you grapes (or other non-salty snack).

Love ya!

Tori said...

Wish we could have been there on the 3rd and wish we were swimming too. :( Sheesh, we're never around. Sorry you were feeling sicky. That's no fun - ever.

kate said...

I know what you mean, I was with my clinic 9 years when I had Ava..worked the day I went into labor, and then went back a month when she was three months old before I quit. Being a stay at home mom is alot of work too but sometimes I wish I could have that outlet still..