do NOT shop at furniture warehouse!

friday our bed came. the delivery people set it up [wrong] and put the mattress on top for us before we could inspect and realize there might be a problem. friday night we got home late and sat on the bed to watch a show before going to sleep - it came crashing down around us. garrett was livid. more mad than i have ever seen him. my immediate reaction was to laugh. cause i laugh when i see things like that - even when it is my own little accident & i'm not too hurt. then i started crying, as garrett dragged the mattress out into our living room. sad cause "now what?" - we waited an impossible amount of time for the bed to actually come, now how long would we have to wait for the morons at furniture warehouse to fix this problem?

we were ready to send everything back and get our cash back from them. just be done and start over. but - in 6 weeks, i could be having a baby & getting rid of all of our furniture now is too risky. why punish ourselves even more. we decided that garrett could fix it. he came up with a plan to repair the stripped sides and build reinforcements, so this problem doesn't happen again.[for the record - furniture warehouse's consolation prize to us - a $200 gift card to use at their store. yeah, cause that is exactly where we want to go spend our money now.]

so he spent his saturday measuring, buying, cutting, re-cutting [the wood] and repairing [the bed] & saturday night we slept in our new bed finally. carefully. i am not going to lie, i was scared if we both turned over at the same time, everything would come crashing down... but it hasn't yet.

did i ever mention that a few weeks ago when garrett called to complain, one of the receptionists got mad at garrett and hung up on him?!? don't shop at furniture warehouse! don't support those people. i have been nothing but disappointed with them and their customer service.

and yes, that is a bowl of peanut m&m's that i brought in to him while he was working. i'm pretty sure that he didn't eat any, but i managed to finish the bowl by the end of the afternoon.

sometime i'll post a picture of our new bed actually put together and made. and guess what mom and dad - i made the bed again today. [yesterday when i told them both individually that i made the bed, they both laughed at me, not believing. rude.]


Beth said...

Hayley, that is big time SUCKS! I would be livid too, seriously after waiting for so long to get that bed and than not being set up right...ohhh Pain lots of Pain! Luckily Garrett is the man and can fix the stupid mistakes of others.

garrett said...

I was so pissed. SO PISSED. In fact, sorry to our facebook friends that saw my status that night... but hey, the new bed is here, everything is fixed now, and we don't have to deal with those incompetent pricks again.

J+S said...

I've had similar problems the finish on my dining room table is so thin and easily damaged and the chairs are wobbly. I second the stay away advice. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Aimee said...

Good grief. What a hassle!
Glad Garrett is such a handy guy!!

Holly O. said...

Mom asked me today if I still make my bed. I started making mine a couple months ago for the first time in my life. I'm a pathetic excuse for a stay-at-home anything.

And that furniture warehouse will BURN.


I sound more than a little freaky in this one.

Jori said...

Ew! I HATE when new stuff breaks and when customer service is snotty!! Good thing your husband is so clever.

PS-I think I have made my bed 5 times since January, I am the devil.