things that are making me do the "good cry"

i find that i'm crying a lot. either cause i'm way too sensitive, or cause some dumb dancer danced to a song that touched me, or cause i miss someone. sometimes it is a bad cry. the kind where my face goes in my hands and i can't stop. that eventually gets to the you've-cried-all-your-makeup-off stage-best-start-over-for-the-day stage. sometimes it is a i'm-so-happy-i-can't-stop-myself-from-being-a-giant-boob.

here's a few things that are making me do the "good cry" - the kind i'm still embarrassed over, but not worried that i'm suffering from borderline personality. or maybe i've always been borderline. who knows.

  • a sweet phone call with connor yesterday. he seems so big lately. and he was in the cutest mood. he liked talking & was engaged in what we were talking about. and we weren't talking about anything all that special. he was just so conversational. and he teased me a little, it was great. and he said on his own free will a time or two, "i love you hayley."
  • i also talked to my mom and hopey yesterday. hope was trying to get my mom to turn on a dvd for her. neddie, of course, couldn't. so she said to hope, "you need to go find somebody to get this on for you, cause i can't." hope promptly turned around and said, "hey somebody! i need you!" my mom and i died laughing at how cute she was, so then, of course - hope milked that "somebody" for a good couple of minutes.
  • my husband posting about me being a good teacher. he's generous.
  • getting texts from holly like this.
  • after enough nagging phone calls, i got heather to send some pictures of her 2 younger kids. they melt my heart. look at hopey's hair. i wish she'd send hopey out for a week this summer to entertain me. the only reason i'm not really pushing for it is cause i fear that i'd bore hope to death cause i might not be able to keep up with her. now i just have to nag heather to send pictures more often & of all the kids. baby steps.


Cheeseboy said...

Hey, it's another blogging Utah teacher! (I teach first grade.) Your blog is great hilarity! I especially like your motto. Glad I found you.

Now, I am off to read about how great a teacher your husband says you are.

Jori said...

Hope is all grown up!! She is SO pretty.