seeking de-swelling advice!

ok. so since this weekend, my ankles and feet have started swelling. i'm sure this is a combination of the fact that i've been really enjoying cheeseburgers and french fries lately and also that it is finally getting warm around here.

i wouldn't care if they were swollen to the size of my thighs, if they didn't hurt. but they do. it makes them so sore. and i don't like that part. so. i'm looking for a little help here.

what do you do to keep down your swollen feet?

*please don't tell me to lay off the salt and grease. my mom already did. and i know. i am trying. but when you're trying to move out of a school that you've been at for 9 years on top of teaching on top of being 27 weeks pregnant in the summer - it doesn't always work.

*instead of telling me what not to eat, give ideas on tasty things that i can eat instead. cause i am also feeling a brain fart to alternatives to stopping by the nearest burger joint on the way home from a 10 hour day to provide dinner. email me, leave comments, call... i'm open to suggestions.

*i'm using ice packs and elevating my feet as much as possible. but i still have 6.5 more days of teaching, so it is difficult. although i did just rig up a nifty little system of a cold can of dr pepper on my feet as they're propped up on my desk. hidden under my desk, i mean. i'm not flashing these poor second graders my bits, cause yes, i am wearing a skirt today. [skirt equals cooler clothing than anything else i can think of. and i can't say i love being hot these days. i'm all about staying as cool as possible. i never thought i'd sleep without even a sheet on. and sometimes stripped completely down. gross. i'm sorry to have shared that. but i'm not deleting it.]

*just so you know, when i'm not working anymore, i plan on focusing a large portion of my time on going for EARLY morning walks and providing much healthier foods for us. maybe even if a mid morning smoothie if i can peel my fat arse off the couch.

so. please. share with me any tips or tricks you've got. cause momma no likey the painful swollen ankles. thank you in advance.


Beth said...

I understand how time and convenience interact. Those smoothies sounded like a good idea...maybe instead of a burger every now and then you can hit the jamba juice. Also wendy's makes some pretty good salads with some grilled chicken goodness. Probably not anything you haven't thought of, but maybe it will help.

Heather B said...

Oh, Hayley. I feel your pain. Really. I was so preggers last time this year, and it was so not fun!

Interestingly, I didn't have the ankle problem with Jackson. I think it's because I was on high blood pressure meds. So, how's your BP? Maybe your Dr. can hook you up!

With my Hayley though, I was so swollen! Gold Bond anti itch lotion has menthol in it, which didn't stop the swelling, but made it more manageable with the cool tingle. (Actually, I think Mary Kay has one too, if you still have your connections...) Also, keeping my legs shaved, although that may have been in my head. And when it got really bad, I resorted to those diabetic anti embolism stockings. They're by the pharmacy.

No help with the food. I am by no means the picture of healthy eating.

Good luck!

Mom said...

Drink plenty of water. Enjoy your air conditioner. Sorry you are having the always hot problem. It must be the hormones. You get it during pregnancy and then again after menopause. Something to look forward to.

Holly O. said...

I have nothing for you, except be glad you don't live here!!!!!!!!

Meg said...

Drink water like it is going out of style. Even if you have to add Crystal Light to it. Eat watermelon. And please go sit down and take your BP at one of those machines at Walgreens if you don't have one yourself. Rapid water retention is a sign of high BP and that is no joke when you are PG! Feel better.

Hayley said...

thanks for the advice! i have another dr appointment in a week & will definitely talk to the dr about my blood pressure.

and beth, i do love the jamba juice!

Jori said...

Get in the swimming pool. the cool water helps so much. Elevating helped me more than anything tho.

Tori said...

Sorry Hayley, I got nothin for ya. :( Hope the others help you out. I feel your pain though. (does that help)

Christy said...

I was having the same problem and the thing that helps me most is to wear running socks and running shoes. The compression keeps my feet at a normal size and they feel soooo much better all the time.

At night (if I've worn non-running shoes in the day and my feet are really bad at night) I sometimes wrap up my feet in ace bandages.

I hope that helps! Good luck!