the saga of the dvd shelves

so... new furniture is coming. some has already been bought & built. which left us with a little reorganizing of a few things. dvd towers just weren't going to cut it. and i had a little vision. shopped at all of the possible stores i could think of that would have any sort of dvd organization. nobody had what i wanted. so last weekend, i whipped up a little picture of what i was thinking. even took some slightly inaccurate measurements. while garrett was putting together my desk, i kept talking & he kept looking at me like i was smoking a crack pipe. then monday night we needed to run to lowes and i suggested we look at wood... again, he gave me a look that said, "you're still hell bent on that?" i really only think he agreed to my suggestion cause he was looking forward to being able to prove me wrong. he didn't think he could do this. i believed. and while jared helped & greatly improved the building situation, i know he could've done it on his own. it would've just cost more money and frustration. he has worked most nights this week on staining and sanding. and after we left jared's house that first night, he was excited about it. he'd gotten over the disbelief. now, i'm pretty sure he's so proud. i'm proud - these shelves turned out way better than i had envisioned. thanks jared for your help and expertise. and thanks garrett - you rock.

bringing the shelves in the house. yes, his glasses are foggy & he's got sweat rolling down his face. it is hard work being a lumberjack mr. fix it man. but look at that adorable proud smile.
look at how nice it looks up there.
fully loaded.
now... anyone want these to towers? there's nothing wrong with them. they're about $30 a piece at target... we just didn't have room for them. we'll do a first come first serve basis. (not selling, giving away here.)


Kristin Jones said...

They look so great!! Way to go!

Heather said...

Looks good!

Aimee said...

It's nice to have a handyman in the house, isn't it?? Love how you've incorporated the Transformers and made them into a focal point. :)

Mom said...

That looks fantastic. Now being the grandma that I am, is it anchored to the wall? A little rumble and they could come down and that would not be a good thing.