nothing new to say

i'm only getting fatter. and grumpier.

our furniture still isn't here all the way. [couch + bed]

am loving the new mattress though. and having garrett back sleeping with me. good news is: if i can get comfortable - the snoring doesn't bug. too much. and i've been getting as comfortable as i possibly can. aside from having to crawl off the floor twice a night to pee.

am making slow but steady progress on getting my room dismantled. my garbages are overflowing everyday. garrett comes after work and helps me load up stuff. i've got piles of things to give to people.

can't wear my wedding ring anymore. my hands and feet like to be swollen by lunch time. so does my butt, thighs, face, arms, and calves. jerks.

sorry, i know you've all heard it all before. don't forget i like dr pepper. cause you've never heard that either. actually, a can of dr pepper was my life saver this morning when nothing seemed to be going right. i even sent garrett an email saying that if i spilled that can, i was running away and not coming back. that's how dire the situation was.

wow. i haven't ranted in a long time. sadly, this is a very watered down version of what i'm really thinking. [insert about 50 swear words at your own free will to figure out what i'm really thinking.]


garrett said...

I'm getting very grumpy at the furnature people... I just want the stinkin' bed here already!!! Jeez!

Sorry you had a rotten morning. Hopefully it got better after lunch. :) Love you.

Beth said...

I'm glad you didn't spill the can and leave...I would have missed you. Hopefully the bed will post haste and make it there before the four letter words really start to fly. Let me know if there is anything in the mean time that I can help with.

Maren said...

We still love you, and your son is worth all the swelling in the world. PS... We LOVE you!

Mom said...

Thank you for keeping it so clean.
Pregnant in the summer time is not a fun thing. Just remember it is all worth it.

Holly O. said...

Whoa. The grammar Nazi misspelled a word!!!!!!!

Hayley said...

if it makes anyone feel any better, i didn't mean run away from life - i just meant school.

and yes, hojo - he does make spelling mistakes. but. not. grammar.

Holly O. said...

uh huh. interesting.

Jori said...

I like you.

garrett said...

Whoops... yeah, Holly, I'm a horrible speller.