i think the cool spring was a blessing

cause i'm so hot tonight - i can't cool down. and i don't think my ol' cheap trick of stuffing an ice pack up my shirt would be very nice to my baby boy. all windows are open. i'm stripped down about as far as i can go. [don't worry, blinds are shut and lights are mostly off.]

i want the air on. it might just happen. i wanted to last a little longer, but i need to be able to sleep tonight. i woke up hot last night & then struggled with awful dreams for the rest of the night. i'd rather go into deep freeze sleep with lots of blankeys piled on than hot nightmares.

why did i complain about it snowing in may?

i fear this summer will be long and swollen.


Mom said...

I can't stand the heat either. I much prefer the cold weather over the hot. You reminded me I need to take a fan to work for my desk.
Hormones make it worse and you are dealing with that, too, right now.

Jori said...

I think being hot is the worst!(good thing I live in Vegas and it will be 107 the rest of this week) you just pack that cute little belly in ice and guzzle lemonade.

Beth said...

I stipped down to the sheet last night and we even have a basement bedroom. I'm sorry I don't envy you. Maybe put some towels in the freezer...it won't be as harsh as ice, but may help cool you down.

Heather said...

A long and swollen summer...sounds fun ;)Hang in there sista and turn on the a/c full blast!

Suzanne said...

Eeeekkk! Stripped girl across the street! I gave in and turned on the ac if you want to come over.

pammy said...

oh .. how I remember a long hot swollen summer being preggers with Lindsay (born August 8th) wow! You will survive .. turn on that air conditioner stat!!