i have a dad...

who always took care of his girls. he taught us to be respectful to my mom, he wouldn't tolerate us being lippy to her in front of him. he taught us to work hard. he taught us how to apply ourselves. he taught us sarcasm. he taught us decency. he taught us to be good friends, good people. he taught us the gospel. he taught us about service. he taught us about airplanes. he taught us about culture. he taught us about cleaning. he taught us about marching. he taught us about so many important things. i'm so thankful for the things i've learned from him. and dad, if i'm not perfect in all of those areas, it isn't cause you failed. it is cause i'm still learning.

he's always been one of my favorite people. just thinking about him makes me smile. but today it is also making me cry a little. he's in africa. i can't talk to him. and while emails are great, they just aren't the same. i want to tell him that he's special to me. i want to tell him i love him. and being the emotional pregnant person that i am, i can't help but cry a little.

dad, one of my favorite, simple childhood memories is making a bowl of ice cream or a rootbeer float and then sitting on your lap snuggling while we enjoyed. but i won't lie and say i don't enjoy remembering getting the glare from the stand at church if we were being naughty. or the sit down on your bed to have a talk if we were being brats. i love that i remember just wanting to avoid disappointing you in any way shape or form. cause you didn't have to spank us, you just had to give me the look and i was crushed, humbled - reformed.

now, you often shake your head at me. try to hide your smile. cause you know you shouldn't laugh, but you sometimes just can't help it. i love our friendship. i'm so glad i get to have this special bond and be one of your girls. thank you for always caring. for always making me feel important and special.

and thank you for teaching me what to look for in a mate. i'm proud to say i picked someone worthy of your example. he's good. and i don't doubt for a second that he's going to keep up with your standard of parenting, of fatherhood. and that makes me proud. knowing that i found someone like you makes me so happy.

i absolutely can not wait for you to meet my son.


Heather said...

Sweet post Hayley, I miss Dad too. He is a good dad. xoxo

Erin said...

Hi - it's the random stranger that accosted you at In-n-Out today. :] It's nice to put your real face to your blog now, I've been reading your blog for awhile now and love it because you keep. it. real! I realize now I barely let you get a word in this afternoon - I'm sorry, I didn't want to bother you too much but did want to tell you congrats on your baby boy! Anyways, now you know who I am and that I'm not some crazy lady who will remain anonymous!
I also meant to tell your husband that the shelves he made rocked - so pass it on! :]

Mich and Nate said...

Hayley! You crack me up, you don't have to say "This is hayley, your mom's friend" like I might not remember you or something! I ask my mom how you are doing all the time and i am SOOOo glad that i have your blog address now cause I am lame and love to read blogs all night :)... How is prego's going? I am excited that you are having a boy! ps, loved your post about your dad