dehydration sucks

saturday, jared and liz were having a yard sale. we had my sister's boys, connor and will for the weekend, so we brought them with us. we spent from about 7:30 am to 2:00 pm outside. the boys played in their awesome backyard. i was careful to put sunscreen on them, cause i didn't want to be responsible for them getting a sunburn. then i proceeded to try to stay in the shade as much as possible. wasn't enough. my arms got fried. my face got a little fried. my neck got a little fried. luckily that's all that got crispy on me.

by the time we sat down to a lovely little bbq lunch, i knew something wasn't right with me. i felt weak and shakey. i left with will right after lunch and we went home and napped. i'm not sure who needed it more, but we both slept for a few hours.

the trots started pretty quick after that. i woke up at about 1:30 in the middle of the night and puked. not fun. luckily, that was the only time i barfed. but the other stuff stuck around all day sunday. i managed to sleep most of yesterday and today away. i read a book today. i semi watched a few movies. i couldn't even make it to bookclub tonight. whoa!

being dehydrated sucks. this is my second time this month. luckily this week, i just need to work on friday - if it takes me all week to recover, fine. i don't have to stress out about missing work. and sub plans. ug. i hate sub plans. i've been drinking lots of water. i was sick of gatorade, so i had garrett get me some pedialyte. big mistake. that shit is nasty. i'd rather drink gatorade only for the rest of my life.i long for being able to clip some coupons without feeling completely exhausted. or more, but i'd start with that.

my advice: don't get dehydrated. especially not when pregnant. recovery is a b!tch.

[hopefully at some point i'll have the energy to get pictures off my camera to share that i took from the weekend with the boys. we had so much fun. me especially. i kinda miss them to the point of tears today.]


garrett said...

it was a good weekend! here's hoping your recovery is quicker this time. it doesn't seem quite so severe this time (no stomach flu) so I think with rest and drinking water, you'll be good. love your face.

Suzie said...

Oh, Hon!

Take it easy & be good to yourself.
Glad you are doing better.
So sorry.

Beth said...

Keep resting up! I know Garrett is taking good care of you.

Mom said...

Hope you are better fast so you can enjoy your time off work. I'm looking forward to the pictures.