the cons of 9 years

in an effort to not be completely depressed about quitting teaching, i've been compiling a list of things i won't miss about teaching. not all reflect my feelings about this year's class, in fact many. i'm not complaining about this group, in fact - for the most part, being with them again this morning after a little break, they are the reason why i'm reminding myself there are downsides...

so, here is my list of things i won't miss:
  • fire drills. i've never liked them. including and not limited to: earthquake drills, intruder alerts. especially when they are real drills and i've got a bladder infection. [i don't have a bladder infection now. i did last year & there was a real lockdown. we were trapped in our rooms for an hour and a half. finally i snuck across the hall to pee & was caught by the cops. i got reprimanded. the cop didn't seem to care that i just had a bladder infection and had called the office to make sure we were secure. and i didn't leave my kids, i had a trustworthy mom in there...]
  • field trips. we're going to the zoo tomorrow, and i wish i would enjoy it more. i don't love the long bus ride, i don't love the worrying about one of my kids getting lost. i don't even love the smell of the zoo animals in the heat. sorry. i just don't.
  • parents who think their kid is perfect. especially when said kid is kinda a pooh chunk. i know these parents won't stop existing, it is just that i won't have to deal with them often. i could go on and on here, but i won't. i wish people could come down to earth a little. just because your kid isn't perfect, doesn't mean i don't love him. or her.
  • getting ready for parent teacher conferences. i don't actually mind the actual meetings with the parents. [most of the time.] it is the craze of getting report cards and everything ready and organized before hand. then, the parent teacher conferences are just long days.
  • uninvolved parents. you know, the ones who treat me like a babysitting service. and then want to freak out when grades come out & their child's scores are low... the ones who's excuse is always "i didn't see that paper." well, if you don't ever look in a backpack or ask to see things from your child - you won't. i can't hand deliver everything.
  • the stinky kid. i'm sorry, but there is almost always one, in every class. i wish parents knew what harm they were doing to my nose when they don't send kids to school in freshly laundered clothing and freshly bathed skin. i know it isn't the stinky kids fault, at 7 or 8 years old. but still. it hurts. me and them.
  • the helicopter parent. the one who feels a need to call or send a note every day. or if i am really lucky, stop in for a chat. especially over issues that really don't matter. i really won't miss those ones.
  • district politics. 'nough said. i won't miss that part of teaching one bit. included here are the ridiculous deadlines and expectations we're expected to meet each year. with less funding and support every year.
thanks for indulging me. it kept me from getting a little teary this morning. i don't mean to confuse anyone - i am really thankful i get to stay home with my baby. i just will also really miss teaching.


Suzanne said...

Go read my blog-you'll perk right up.

Holly O. said...

No matter how excited you are to be home with the baby, it is still a change. And that is hard. To leave work behind you is a huge transition.

Keep thinking of the cons. It will help get you through it.

Mom said...

A new adventure. You are an excellent teacher and you will be a fabulous mother. You will still be teaching....

Aimee said...

I didn't love working... at least at my last job. Sucked rocks. So, when I left, just prior to getting pg, I was ecstatic. Even on the rough days with Connor (and I'm very lucky because he's a pretty easy-going kid), I don't wish I was somewhere else. In fact, the only thing I miss was the social aspect. Like your mom said, you'll still be teaching. :)

Amy said...

I miss the actual teaching but I so don't miss the politics! Now you get to be a teacher to your little one!

Glad to see the review on that movie- I have been wanting to see it.

AndI love your new kitchen table!