45 years

who: my dad. thats him in the corner. he's adorable. you can recognize him just by the way he's standing, if you know him.
what: i should know what kind of an aiplane this is. 10 years ago, i would've.
where: ghana.
when: last week.
why: cause he was doing united's start up to fly there.

this picture reeks of cuteness. i'm so proud of my dad. i can't believe he's worked for 45 years for this company. we weren't rich, it hasn't always been easy, but it did give us a lot of things. we were able to visit family even when they lived far away. or we did. i guess we're the ones that moved away.we were able to travel and see the world. i've been to england, france, australia, hawaii, alaska... just to name a few of the "special" places. my dad's list - much longer. the airline industry hasn't had the best decade, often times we've been frustrated... but united will always hold a very special place in my heart. mainly cause of my dad. this picture - makes my heart swell with pride.

if you want to read my sister's rendition of her thoughts on this picture - go here.

dad, i love you. i'm glad you're back.


Holly O. said...

I just posted that one too! Everyone is going to be sick of hearing about our dad.

Mom said...

For years I have called him Mr. United. Forty-five years is a long time. We have had some fun trips.

Jori said...

Wow! 45 years? When he retires some gold watch won't be enough of a company gift, they will need to give him a gold plane. I don't even know your dad and I heart him, you can tell he is such a nice person.

kate said...

You're lucky you've been able to travel WITH your dad! My dad is a Federal Agent and he travels all over too, but since his trips are top secret- he can't take fam with him, sucks but at least we get to hear stories sometimes.