trying to catch up

my very own little kung fu panda. he's adorable.

"give me money, mom."

you can't help but be totally in love with him. both hims.

guess who is sporting a big belly? will was checking out the bees
someone was too cool. he needed to have the cool tickled out of him.

"why in the hell are you taking a picture of me?"

2 funerals last week. lots of family in town. then the stomach flu of 2010 hit & well, i nearly didn't survive. in between barfing and saying goodbyes, there were some good times to be had. i got lots of snuggle time in with little will. that's enough to make my weekend, regardless of the barfing that followed. apparently it is super easy to get dehydrated when pregnant. well, i mean, after you throw up for 12 hours. and being dehydrated when pregnant can take days to recover. i've learned the hard way. last night, i finally got some electrolytes in me and have felt much better today. but my house is still a mess. i tackled the kitchen today and was pooped. had to take a nap after. i had grand dreams of tackling my bedroom today, but i'm going to have to settle for getting some laundry done. thank heavens for a husband who helps. he's probably more tired than i am lately, but you'd never hear him complain. life went a little crazy a week ago. still trying to catch up. and stay hydrated.


Holly O. said...

Man, I really do love that belt.

And the kids.

And you guys.

Of course.

But that belt is super cute.

Aimee said...

Everytime I drink Gatorade anymore, I'm reminded of being pregnant. :( Not the "fun-ness" of being pregnant, the puke-fest. Glad you're feeling better!

garrett said...

You know, as much as I complained about the weekend, it really wasn't that bad. We did get to see lots of family on both sides, got a new camera, and did spend all that time together (even if it was holding your hair back while you puked). Love you, babe! Thanks for reminding me of the good times!

Elizabeth Ward said...

Hey, Me and Brother were sick all weekend too.

Same Same!

Mike and Gin said...

You think your tired now, just wait till your little man arrives!

Mom said...

Fun pictures. We did have a nice time at the gardens.

tiburon said...

Glad you had a chance to get down and spend some time :)