that was us 2 wheeling it last night.

garrett is a nut. last night, while driving home from a trip to target, he was being silly. we had to go over some train tracks and big pot holes, cause apparently we live in the ghetto, and he kept saying "wee" and making me laugh. like it was a fun roller coaster ride. it cracked me up.

then we got to our neighborhood. from the main street to our driveway, you have to turn 5 times to get to our house. he decided that he didn't want to brake. [and i just realized in utter embarrassment that i spelled brake wrong on my facebook update. what an idiot.] so instead of braking, he just took super wide turns. it was a little excessive. it was one of those things where my mom would've been having a fit. any mom would've. and i probably should've too - but we didn't pass anyone else driving & it really was fun. he just makes me laugh.

i'm going to send him the bill for my bald tires though.


garrett said...

Hey, it wasn't like the tires were squeeling or anything. It was just a little fun. :) And I'm super glad you went with that picture. How do you keep your hands off me? ;)

Beth said...

I have to say I love the picture, but I'm curious as to what is attached to his face. Anyways funny story as always.

Mom said...

I want to know what the thingy is too.

tiburon said...

And that is why I dig him.