orange helicopters - here we come!

i can't get over people's generosity when you announce you're having a baby. we've received so many sweet little gifts from friends and family. besides being amazed at how loving people are, i can't get over the cute little goodies this baby is getting. i mean, he's going to have some of the cutest little outfits i've ever seen.

this little goodie comes from one of my students and her mom. the mom came in to volunteer every week this year, until april - when she had her baby. when the baby was 3 weeks old, she brought him in to show me. i sat and held him for a few minutes & just couldn't get enough of how good he smelled and how cute he was. he was wearing this little outfit. i thought it was adorable. garrett loves orange, and it has made me notice anything orange a lot more. and like it more, too. well this morning, my little student brought me in a bag o' goodies. this orangie helicopter onesie, that i swear, i almost want a 9 pound baby so i can bring him home from the hospital in this and another little bag of onesies. they're adorable, too. [p.s. another time i'll share my feelings on how bad i want this kid to like orange and transformers... all because of his daddy.] but the picture i took with my phone wouldn't turn the right way and it was bugging me, so i'm going to just use that picture.

guess who is getting straight A's on her last report card? kidding.


garrett said...

Oh my gosh, that's awesome! I love it! And I hope we can brain wash him into liking orange and Transformers, too. ;)

Holly O. said...

Wait, bribing teachers with gifts doesn't equate to better grades? Shoot. My plan for kindergarten just got ruined.

That is adorable. You'll soon learn you can't go wrong with the Dwell line at Target.

Holly O. said...

PS-He will like orange and transformers. I promise.

Mom said...

That is a very cute outfit. I will remember that line for further purchases.

Aimee said...

I agree with Holly - the Dwell line is adorable. Watch your Target aisles in the next few weeks... they should be introducing a new set of designs soon, so all the old stuff will get marked down. :)