couponing gone wild

kinda like girls gone wild. ha. i'm not wild, don't worry. well. let's move on.

i've been couponing for less than a year. i'm not a pro & probably never will be. but i get the weekend paper delivered & sometimes even thought i get way behind on my clipping, i try to make the most of the coupons. i'll buy certain brands of laundry detergent cause i can get it on sale. or razors. or whatever else i don't feel particularly strong about. like my deodorant. i will only get my dove kind that i love & trust. that's just the way i am. but sometimes i'm even lucky enough to get a coupon for those guys, too. regardless of whether i save hundreds or pennies, i think couponing is a smart idea. and i think we've saved quite a bit of money, too.

i used an expandable file guy up until yesterday. it was convienent cause i could carry it around in my purse. but there were a lot of cons to it, too. i forgot where things went. often found coupons later in the wrong category that i didn't know i still had & could've used. frustrating. well, a while ago, i downloaded a binder organization kit [it is a link in this post, so you need to scroll down a bit] from krazy coupon lady's website. i didn't get around to putting it to use, but i also didn't delete. yesterday, i got around. and used sheet protectors and transparencies and tape. the new system is very visual and i like it. it is very specific about categories. and it even has a table of contents. sure, it is a lot bigger & won't fit conveniently in my purse anymore, but i will drag it around in my car & then be able to flip through my pages and see what i've got. i'm excited.

and i'm happy to report that last night at target, i saved over $28 for things we needed to get stocked up on again. we spent around $50. big savings. all because my coups were organized.

that makes me one happy krazy coupon shopper!


garrett said...

I thought it was even more than that. But I'm proud of you! I like the new system, too. :) Love your face

Elizabeth Ward said...

some day you will have it down and it won't be so much trouble. Then you will start saving those hundreds.

I scored at the coupon event that Smith's had last week. I got $95 worth of groceries and such for $36.
There are some sweet coupons on line right now for diapers if you would like to start stocking up on those. The coupons are for $3/1. That is an amazing coupon.

Jori said...

I am impressed!!I need to be better, everyone always gets good deals...I never know what I am doing.

Mom said...

Good job with the coupons. I love it when the items are free.

Karyn said...

I love couponing these days, too! It amazes me how much you can save.

I'm gad you liked the cake!!