captain me up

  • we had madeline and bradley for about 24 hours this weekend. both kids handled being away from their parents very well. i had fun playing with them. i've never been unimpressed, but i was reassured that garrett's going to be a fantastic dad - when that baby started crying at 3 o'clock in the morning, he was up before i was to comfort him. he even let me sleep in in the morning. i'm a lucky lucky girl.
  • we dragged the kids around to many a stores while we bought new furniture. the kids were amazing, i know i wouldn't have been as well behaved. i'm so excited about our new stuff - too bad we might have to wait a few weeks for it to come. i've been one tracking big time, i fear that i've worn garrett out talking about what will go where, etc. getting new furniture is definitely taking the sting out of not being able to sell our house.
  • everything we bought - debt free. we used some of what we were going to use as a downpayment. that's a good feeling, i gotta say.
  • i'm off track now for 2 weeks. then i go back for 3 more weeks of teaching. then, i'm done. my emotions are so mixed about this, but right now i think i just can't get over the shock of how fast it is all happening.
  • i've been enjoying hummingbirds lately. i loved pointing them out to madeline and bradley. bradley's facial expression made my day. then, he'd go to the window and yell at them to come back. it was adorable.
  • we are going to have more miniature guests at our house this weekend. connor and will. i'm pretty dang excited about that, too.
  • among our new furniture, we ordered a king sized bed this week. and a bed frame. and got new bedding. on sale. i can't wait to put it all together. seriously, can't wait.
  • my mother in law, DeAnne offered us an amazing little blessing last night - to store some of our furniture that we don't want to get rid of in their basement. we were going to use our garage as storage space, cause i don't want to pay for a rental storage space every month. this way, my car will get to stay in the garage - especially nice during the winter months with a brand new baby. thanks for your generosity, DeAnne & Brad.
  • plus, last week, we found some goodies at target & garrett now has an orange bathroom. read about it here if you wanna.
here's a picture of the new bed frame. a captains bed, if you will:


garrett said...

I'm excited, too! Gonna get real busy around here when we finally have it all delivered!! Love you, Hayley girl!

Mom said...

That will be so nice. Love the bed. That is wonderful that you can store some furniture over at Garrett's parents house. Things always work out....

Holly O. said...

Love it!!

Jan said...

Yay! Sounds like such a great time for you guys right now -- so happy for you both.

Beth said...

I hope you love that King size bed as much as we do. And of course you guys are going to be good parents...NO DOUBT!

Heather said...

Debt free...the best way to buy :) I'm sure you'll love all your new stuff! I can't believe your teaching life is about to be over, you are starting a new chapter in your life, can't wait for the little fella to get here.