tax day

since we're clearly running out of time to do our taxes, today is designated tax day at our house. yesterday, my computer was having some issues, so garrett reformated it for me. as in wiped it clean and basically, it is like i have a brand new computer. nice cause now i can use firefox again, but not nice in that iTunes is now fighting me. we'll work out all of those kinks later. all in all, i must give myself a pat on the back for handling it all decently, mainly cause g does almost all of the work. but i did have to reload a few programs on there this morning, while someone i know was off running an errand. [see, holly, we're not together all of the time. i could have gone with him on that errand!] of course, while things were loading [like turbo tax] i putzed on facebook. had this little convo back and forth with jared, garrett's brother. yes, i truly did laugh so hard i drooled.even funnier, is that i called holly laughing, to tell her about it & her immediate response was, "clearly he doesn't know you very well. you'd do that normally." and yes, everytime i re-read this convo, i burst out laughing. so highly entertained. i really need to get over it.

a few minutes later, i was having a hard time getting turbo tax to load, so i sent my cute little husband a text with a list of all the problems i was having with my getting my computer rolling, including "and i'm having a hard time getting t-bone to load." he wrote back and responded to my list, including, "what is tbone?" i'm sure that is the dummest thing the world to entertain me today, but it is sure doing the trick.

when he got home, i realized that neither of us smelled so good - we hadn't yet had our daily shower. while he was doing a little part on the taxes, i said to him, "did you breathe on people?" and his comeback was, "yeah, 4 people died, i felt really bad." as soon as our taxes are done, don't worry, we'll shower.

then, the real miracle of the day so far has been that i haven't freaked out. and basically i haven't even sworn too bad. i mean, i might've made my dad shake his head at me a time or two, but i haven't made garrett be sad at me. and he only gets sad at me when i say the bad ones. in fact, he is trying to access his student loan account & having difficulties and just whispered, "why is the system unavailable? i hate your effing face." to the computer. that made me have to hold myself so i didn't pee all over.

i wonder what other adventures this day will have. i can't wait. i just hope i can survive it without peeing my pants.


garrett said...

You're funny. T-bone. TuboTax's street name. If you don't call him T-bone in front of his gang, Quicken will kick your ass. ;)

Hope the rest of the day has more gems like these!

Mom said...

Sounds like you are having fun and getting stuff done. Nothing like a good work Saturday.

Heather B said...

I was gonna make a comment about you saying "bone" and "our shower" in the same post, but I know your parents read this, so this is like a "make up your own comment" comment.

Suzanne said...

I too was wondering how many showers constitute "our" shower. :)