he may be an angel but...

he sprays me with apple juices, too.

i was just sitting here at my computer. he was standing next to me eating apple slices & somehow he managed to drop his apple slice & then try two or three times to catch it, finally sending it across the room and bouncing off the wall. i don't know what happened. we both laughed. but it is a little dangerous when you've just bitten into a very juicy apple.
the result: i got sprayed. and my computer. and now i'm sticky. oh well, i'll shower tomorrow.
the jackass anonymous commenter would probably say that i deserved that. and maybe i do. :) but g better watch it, i might make him sleep out on the balcony tonight. KIDDING.
don't worry world, i still love him. there were no cross words exchanged. we laughed about it all. and now we're off to play mario. cause that's the kinda nerds we are on a saturday night.

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Tiffany said...

I'm a Mario nerd too. My hubby and I played on Sunday though. =)

I love your writing and your personality and your zest for life. Thanks for the chuckle!